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Product name:  Incense – Six in Sense【Anniversary Box】


Incense to experience the world of the Tale of Genji with Six in Sense representing the Heian period (794-1185). The Six in Sense “Anniversary Box”, created to commemorate the first anniversary of the brand’s global debut, was designed in the shape of a book so that the story of Japanese incense can be unraveled as turning the pages of the box to resemble the Tale of Genji. The illustration was based on the theme “Incense ingredients from all over the world met and blended in Japan 1000 years ago, and traveled to the world as SCENT of JAPAN by illustrator and designer mio.matsumoto. Inspired by 1000-year-old blends, with 100% natural incense ingredients, easy-to-use, sustainable conscious packaging, in the book-shaped “Anniversary Box” that was produced to commemorate the first anniversary. Handmade in Awaji Island, Hand-packed in Tokyo.


平安時代 (794-1185年) を代表する 6 種の香りで源氏物語の世界を体感するお香「Six in Sense」 ブランドのグローバルデビュー 1 周年記念に制作したSix in Senseの【Anniversary Box】は、源氏物語を模してページを捲りながら日本のお香のストーリーを紐解けるように本型に仕立てました。「世界中から届いた香原料が 1000 年前の日本で出会い、交わり、日本の香りとして旅立つ」をテーマにしたデザインは、イラストレーター・デザイナーmio.matsumoto 氏によるもの。 1000 年前の調合からインスピレーションを得た四季を感じる 6 種の香りを、天然香原料 100% のブレンドで、使いやすく、サステナブルを意識したパッケージに収めました。 淡路島でハンドメイド、東京でハンドパックしています。





Brand name : Bridge and Blend


Bridge and Blend brings you “Six in Sense,” an incense that is as faithful as possible to the 1000-year-old blends to experience the world of The Tale of Genji, in an easy-to-use, sustainable conscious package with 100% natural ingredients. Six different fragrances representing the Heian period are timeless fragrances packed with the seasons of Japan. “Six in Sense” translated as ‘Six Roots’ in Japanese, deriving from a Buddhist term that refers to the five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, plus a sixth: consciousness. And to maintain these six “powers” which most of us are lucky enough to naturally possess – this process of purifying both the mind and body ​is called ‘the Six Roots Cleansing.’


Bridge and Blendは、1000年前の調合に可能な限り忠実に再現し、100%天然香原料で、使いやすく、サステナブルを意識したパッケージに収めて、源氏物語の世界を体感するお香「Six in Sense」をお届けします。平安時代を代表する6つのお香は日本の季節に詰られた、タイムレスな香りです。「Six in Sense」は仏教用語の「六根」に由来し、 六根の「根」は感じる力を意味し、眼(視覚)・耳(聴覚)・鼻(嗅覚)・舌(味覚)・身(触覚)の五感に意(意識)をまとめて六根と呼びます。 そして、これら 6 つの「力」 ー 心身を清らかな状態にすることを六根清浄と言います。








Brand owner : Hiro Nakayama


Founder and CEO, Project Felicia|Scent Communicator
From her own experience of her sense of smell weakened due to excessive stress, she learned that fragrance facilitates our life and enriches our heart and mind. She founded Project Felicia in New York in 2013 as a platform to explore the true potential of scent. After a 20-year of absence from Japan, she relocated back in 2017. A multi-worker who has worked for Hitachi, Google, and currently a full-time employee for an American IT giant while serving as a scent communicator. A facilitator for #IamRemarkable powered by Google, as well as a writer contributed articles to the trade magazine “Perfumer and Flavorist,” the newsletter of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and “Beyond Magazine. She produced “Six in Sense” in 2021, a line of incense that allows one to experience the world of the Tale of Genji under the brand name “Bridge and Blend” with the same blends she uses at the Creative Incense Workshop that was started in 2015. Now that sensory marketing is required, she is discovering the possibilities of “scent” every single day.