ICHIDO Junmai Sparkling SAKE / ICHIDO




Product name:  ICHIDO Junmai Sparkling SAKE


A soft, low-alcoholic sparkling Sake perfect for New Sake drinkers. Enjoy the elegant and natural sweetness from top-quality rice, and savor the gentle sparkling texture made from the natural fermentation method (Champagne method). Let ICHIDO Sparkling help refreshen your long and tiring day in the evening.


Sake x acidity: sweet x strong => sweet but refreshing aftertaste

■ Pairing
Enjoy drink as is, or create a cocktail by simply adding fruits, or twist in some Yuzu and chill in the freezer to enjoy a refreshing summer sherbet.

■ Product details
Contents: 300ml
Alcohol content: 7%
Ingredients: Japanese Rice, Japanese Koji
Rice polishing rate: 60%





精米歩合:60% 日本酒×酸度:甘口×濃い=>甘いのにさっぱりした後味





Brand name : ICHIDO


In Japanese, “ICHIDO” means, “once”. As in, “You only live once, so live life your own way”. We created ICHIDO Japanese Sparkling Sake for those who celebrate life on their own terms. Led by a female Japanese entrepreneur, we set out to craft a premium sparkling sake that would challenge the preconceived notions of both traditional sake and sparkling wine – something a little different, for those who pride themselves on living their lives a little differently.

ICHIDO is a Natural fusion of time-honored sake brewing techniques with traditional champagne-making methods that is anything but traditional. Smooth and slightly sweetness from Natural production with Japanese high quality non- GMO rice and water, NO sugar and NO additives. With a delicate opaqueness, it is a beautiful balance of classic craftsmanship and modern creativity that is best served chilled and perfect for any celebratory occasion.


Sake Generation, Inc.

「SAKE」の魅力を全世界に、そして次世代に伝えたい。 ICHIDOのプロジェクトは、アメリカのシカゴで出会った6人のメンバーによって立ち上げられました。海外でも、もっと日本酒の味わい方や楽しみ方を知ってもらうことで、日本酒を身近にしたい。そして次の世代の日本人にも、まだ知らない日本酒の魅力を伝えていきたい。そんな想いを具現化するために、プロジェクトはスタートしました。匠の技による伝統的な日本酒を、これまでにない発想で新しい価値体験に変えて発信していく。私たちの想いに共感した仲間が次々と加わり、日々新たなアイデアが生まれています。











Brand owner : Kaori Shimazaki


CEO & FOUNDER of SAKE Generation, Inc. with 10years Food Beverage industry experience. Graduated and selected as a finalist of Global venture competition of Chicago Booth MBA.
Certified Sake Professional providing innovative experience such as fascinated ICHIDO SAKE pairing, innovative cocktail.