Facial Soap Oshu Sabon Premium 〜luxury moist〜 / FERMENSTATION




Product name:  Facial Soap Oshu Sabon Premium 〜luxury moist〜


A luxurious facial soap made from organic rice and fermented lees with moisturizing effect.
Blended with choice vegetable extract oils, the lather will gently wrap your skin.
Feel the difference after every wash of a moist and revived skin.
Unscented but with a hint of sweet smell of rice









Fermentstation is an R&D oriented company creating a circular economic society
through its original fermentation technology. We produce alcohol by fermenting and distilling unused resources.
The fermented residue will be used as functional cosmetic ingredients, animal feed for hens and cattle,
and further use the manure from the animals as fertilizers. In cooperation with local communities,
we have established a circular and sustainable system where there is
no byproduct that is considered waste. “Fermenting a Renewable Society ”
With this phrase as our purpose,we will find new value in unused resources and build a society
in which these are reborn, regenerated and circulated. By passing through the “station”
called Fermenstation,our natural environment, our society,
all the people involved,and our stakeholders will continue to become better,and it is our mission to create
such a world,making tomorrow a better place.
Fermenstation is a B Corp certified company committed to use business as a force for good.
B Corp is an international certification that certifies companies conducting business activities
that generate multifaceted and comprehensive benefits for local communities, the environment,
customers, and its employees.


わたしたちのパーパスは、“Fermenting a Renewable Society ”。この言葉をパーパスとして、私たちは、
そんな世の中を作っていきたいと考えています。 ファーメンステーションは、地域社会、環境、カスタマー、
従業員に対して多面的・包括的な利益を生む事業活動を実践する企業を認証する国際的な制度「B Corp 認証」を取得しています。









Brand owner : Lina Sakai


Lina holds a degree from the Department of Brewing and Fermentation Science at the Tokyo University
of Agriculture. She has also graduated from the International Christian University.
Prior to establishing Fermenstation, she worked at the Fuji Bank, Ltd. (currently, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.)
and Deutsche Securities Inc. Lina’s achievements include the 1st Beauty tech special award,
the Audience Award at Global Brains Alliance Forum 2018, Special Award at JR East Startup Demo Day 2018,
the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) 3rd Women Entrepreneurs New Business Plan Competition,
Special Innovation Award and the 2014 British Business Award for her contribution to the community.