FABRIC FRAME / Rico Fujita




Product name: FABRIC FRAME


Each piece of cloth is cut into small pieces and inserted into the base one by one. Each theme is handmade,
so no two pieces are exactly alike.
This work is “Ave Maria”. It expresses a gentle and soft world. The deep green color reminds us
of worldly things in the light color. Light fills it and purifies it.
I hope you can feel the pink petals spilling out from the layout.
Size: 182mm x 257mm


この作品は「Ave Maria」。優しく柔らかい世界を表現。淡い色彩のなかに世俗の事々物々を想起させる深いグリーン。





Brand name : Rico Fujita


While utilizing the materials, textures, and designs of cloth,
Rico adds her own unique inspiration to create new charms of cloth as art.
Rico’s work is based on the conception of the piece, the selection of materials, the cutting of the cloth,
and the formation of the piece, and she places importance on the resonance between the beauty
that Rico expresses and your sense of beauty.
Her works are available in frames and wreaths, which are easy to decorate and add color to your space.
We also have experience in developing a menu that allows you to take a piece
of cloth that you have a special attachment to and turn it into a work of art.
We express our respect and gratitude to all the people involved in the production of raw materials,
design, and manufacture of the cloth.










Brand owner : Riko Fujita

After graduating from university, she worked for a house builder as an interior designer.
And she have experience in catalog and web production and advertising work for a major manufacturer.
After contracting breast cancer, she reevaluated her way of life and retired. She encountered fabric art
at an upcycling-themed event organized by a friend. She became fascinated
with making fabric art and started her career as an Fabric Art Artist. Within two years of starting activities,
she exhibited at art shows and was featured in the media. At the same time,
she support female business owners in the cosmetics and jewelry industry in terms of sales promotion.