Product name:  DPEARL


DPEARL is a transparent mouthpiece orthodontic service that leads each individual to a Lively life.
Released in 2019, DPEARL Spot (affiliated clinics) is being expanded nationwide this year.
Features include a new app-based supply process that enables high-quality orthodontic services
at about 1/2 the price and duration of conventional orthodontic services. Data-driven,
comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, up to full-arch orthodontic treatment.
By providing a thorough private maintenance by the dentist at regular visits,
We are able to accurately monitor progress and provide feedback.


『DPEARL(ディパール)』は、一人ひとりのLivelyな生活を導く透明マウスピース型の歯科矯正サービスです。 2019年にリリースし、
今年度から全国にDPEARL Spot(提携クリニック)を拡大中。 特長は、アプリを活用した新しい供給プロセスによって
質の高い歯列矯正サービスを従来の約1/2の価格・期間を実現している点。 データドリブンで包括的な診断・治療計画に基づき、
全顎矯正まで対応。 定期通院での歯科医師によるプライベートメンテナンスをしっかり行うことで、





Brand name :  DPEARL


DPEARL is a direct-to-consumer orthodontic and oral wellness service that utilizes digital equipment
such as 3D printers and CAD, and remote applications. Until now, it has been said
that more than 50% of people in Japan do not have access to treatment for their teeth,
despite the fact that they need to improve their dental alignment. On the other hand,
the price of orthodontic treatment in Japan is approximately 1 million yen,
and there are concerns about the number of visits to the dentist during the orthodontic treatment period.
Against this backdrop, we conceived the idea of developing DPEARL,
a mouthpiece orthodontic service using 3D technology, in order to deliver orthodontic services
that meet the needs of today’s consumers by creating a digitally streamlined,
unique workflow to a wider audience. By building an efficient workflow,
including the introduction of DX tools in dental clinics,
intermediate costs were reduced by approximately 1/2, reducing the number of visits
and shortening treatment time. Dentists with extensive case experience coordinate plans
that also take into account lifestyle, bringing data-based quality orthodontics and preventive dentistry opportunities to a large number of people.


Direct to Consumerの歯科矯正・オーラルウェルネスサービスです。








Brand owner : Kanae Kaneko


Kanae graduated from the Department of Oral Health, School of Dentistry, Tokyo Medical
and Dental University in 2017. At the same time, she obtained a national license as a dental technician.
In 2019, she completed the course in Health Policy, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences,
at the same university. Her research interests are community dental health care and digital dentistry.
While in graduate school, she conceived of an orthodontic business with a new business model as she sought social implementation to change the dental industry. She founded Philduct Inc. in 2018 while still in school,
and started full-scale business after graduation, releasing it as “DPEARL” in 2020.
She has been selected for the APTwomen by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
and won an award at the ICC Catapult KYOTO 2020. Appointed as a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Medical
and Dental University, Digital Health Human Resource Program, Oral Digital Process Science in 2022.
Her hobby is yoga.