Deaiwo Serum Cream / Deaiwo




Product name:  Deaiwo Serum Cream


Prepares and moisturizes the skin. It’s simple, but it’s the most important thing for beautiful skin.
A serum cream that can achieve skin conditioning and moisturizing in one.
It is a product that is extremely simple care so that it can be used regardless of gender, age,
or nationality, but is extremely particular about serum ingredients. Subvert the concept of cream!
Everyone is impressed by the surprising smooth penetration power.







Brand name :  Deaiwo


The brand concept is “Gentle and close to life” In the Deaio series, regardless of gender, age,
or nationality, we value creating products that the whole family wants to use with their loved ones.
As skin care products for the purpose of moisturizing the skin and aging care according to age,
we sell Deaiwo Biyo Eki Cream and Deaiwo Special Cream. Aiming for cosmetics that can be used regardless
of religion, we are also working on the development of halal-compatible products.
We do not carry out any PR strategies such as LPs and talent commercials,
which are common in the cosmetics business, and value the circle of word of mouth from our loyal users.
Supported by the power of fans who really like this product, we are developing a business that competes only
with the quality of the product.


ブランドコンセプトは「人生に優しく寄り添う」 デアイヲシリーズは、男女・年齢・国籍問わず、家族みんなで、









Brand owner :  Miho Deai

During the covid panedemic, she suffered a serious injury that broke my thoracic spine and sacrum, and spent three months in the hospital and rehabilitation without seeing anyone. Thinking positively, she made use of the lessons learned that beauty cannot be troublesome due to severe fractures, and created an all-in-one cream that is simple care and can feel the effect of esthetics, which is the trigger for the establishment of the brand. Currently, she is also engaged in the rug brand and international sports marketing business.