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Product name:  coloridoh


Coloridoh is the world’s first colorful cookie dough to play and eat. Developed under the concept of
“easy, safe, and fun,” the dough has characteristics not found in other cookie doughs.
No measuring required, no additional ingredients, and ready to play with! Patent pending.

・Can be stored at room temperature
・Free of 28 allergenic ingredients
・Gluten-free ・Plant-based and vegan
・Natural food coloring
・Various colors and flavors


他のクッキー生地にはない特徴があります。 計量不要、追加材料なし、すぐに遊べます。 特許出願中。






Brand name :  coloridoh


Corridor provides tools for all to enjoy communication through “food and fun”.
Our main product is colorful cookie dough that can be played with and eaten.
We have evolved the baking loved around the world into a communication tool
by adding a more creative and playful element.
We aim to expand our business in Japan and around the world.











Brand owner : Hitomi Takeuchi


Founder of Coloridoh Inc. and mom of 4 kids.
After working in software sales and teaching at a major cooking & baking school.
She lived with her family in Silicon Valley from 2014 to 2021. When she was there,
she ran a startup share house. Over the past seven years,
more than 6,000 guests from all over the world have stayed there. She founded Coloridoh.
After much research and development to make the cookie dough allergy friendly
and room temperature storage, he launched in Japan in September 2022.