Alpaca silk haramaki (belly warmer) / MAITE




Product name:  Alpaca silk haramaki (belly warmer)


HARAMAKI, belly warmer in Japanese, is a traditional secret tool for healthy living by keeping core of body warm. Our body tend to get cold by nervous system disorder caused by stress and nowadays lifestyle. MAITE’s HARAMAKI is made of high quality alpaca blended with silk. Alpaca has exceptional breathability; keep you warm on cold day/place and cold on warm day/place. It is super soft and comfortable. It is also easy to move around as it is seamless and stretchable.







Brand name :  MAITE


MAITE creates super soft hand-feel and sustainable self-care items using premium alpaca fiber to bring everyone’s daily wellbeing. Made in Peru and Japan. MAITE provides not only products but also information and events such as knit-cafe and online session to encourage people to take care of themselves with self compassion.











Brand owner : Ayako Yoshida


Founder and designer of MAITE. She studied international cultural study and development at Tsuda University, which leaded to encountering alpaca textiles and its industry that includes socially vulnerable people in Peru. In 2013, she launched self-care knitwear brand MAITE after working for global fashion apparel business in sales and production. She is also EAP/CEAP mental health counselor and consultant.