Product name: Washin-Den


The standard size: 60cm × 180cm This item is dyed using a single-point dyeing method, so even with the same pattern, there may be slight variations. It is a warp knitted fabric made with a special machine called a rare weft insertion knitting machine. The vertical threads are made of cupra, and the horizontal threads are made of Japanese paper. Additionally, nylon is inserted vertically into the cupra to reinforce it, resulting in a fiber blend of 55% Japanese paper, 40% cupra, and 5% nylon. As of now, there are no additional manufacturing lots available, but we require a minimum order of approximately 20 units due to logistics costs. From order to shipment, additional manufacturing takes approximately three to four weeks.





Brand name : Washin-Den


The essence of Japanese tradition, encapsulated in its craftmanship, represents the present moment.