Five years later, ten years later
” I like my skin “.

What is necessary to say so?
It is not because age has been repeated that the troubles of your skin will increase year by year. Naturally, your skin has the power to try to become beautiful yourself, even if you age, you will nurture a beautiful skin. We will look Skin Care To nurture your skin.
Your skin that stores moisture is beautiful with a sense of transparency.
Besides that, I have the power to keep various troubles away.
RICE FORCE You can say “I love my skin the most” forever. I would like to help you with such a positive and beautiful way of living.
So, as a result of pursuing that one’s point of how to nurture your skin that keeps your skin moist, I was surprised to realize that the power was hidden in the rice most familiar to us.


why, Rice Did you focus on?
To that end, Important reasons there is.

The reason we focused on rice, that is, the oriental people known worldwide Female It was in the beauty of your skin. It was said that rice has a beauty effect from long ago, such as “The hands of rice koji dealing with rice koji are clean and white,” “Rinse with rice gruel to wash your face and body,” and so on.

Since ancient times, people used rice as a familiar beauty material in daily life. Friendly, eat safe to eat. It means that it is safe for your skin.
Such rice is delicate Female It is very suitable as a material for cosmetics which touches your skin.

That is why, pursuing a natural manufacturing method that does not add extra things, the result was “fermentation”. “Fermentation” is exactly the traditional technique that Japan is proud of worldwide, and as a technology of Japanese crafts, it attracts worldwide attention.

Of course, we stick to “rice” which becomes the material. What you use, Country 100% white rice produced. Rice Extract Extract and add “microorganisms” in nature such as Aspergillus, yeast, lactic acid bacteria and “ferment”.
Fermented scenery with vigorous foaming is the moment of feeling the life force of “rice”.


Born from research for 30 years
The mystery of “rice × fermentation”

Born from the fermentation technology of the bar
Ultimate beautiful skin ingredients, Rice Power Extract

Founded in the first year of Ansei, it was created over 30 years by “fermentation” of rice and the latest technology. Rice Power Extract is.
Continued research to bring out the new power of rice, and finally it was completed with the cooperation of universities and medical institutions etc. Among them, deep into the skin dead skin Up to layer) Moist ” Rice Power No. 11 Extract “Is an active ingredient unique to the world that was recognized for the first time in Japan.
By performing natural manufacturing process of fermentation and aging for 90 days Rice Power No. 11 Extract “including, Rice Power Extract Is made. Conditions such as types and combinations of microorganisms to be added during fermentation, fermentation time, etc. Extract Manage strictly each. Because it is necessary to control the workings of the microbes, the person in charge of each process can not take care at one time. “Everything is for moisture”, Rice Power Extract In the time and effort that has been put into strict quality control, RICE FORCE There are many thoughts of people involved in and research.