Puroro – Skin care


Organic cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients and human stem cell serum


From face wash to toner and cream, we have an easy-to-use line of cosmetics for every skin type. We specialize in organic and human stem cell cosmetics, which are popular for their ability to moisturize even sensitive and problematic skin without irritation. It prevents skin problems and nurtures glowing, beautiful skin.










「洗顔」から「化粧水」「クリーム」まで肌質に応じた使いやすいライン使い。 敏感肌などのトラブル肌にも刺激なく保湿ができ、圧倒的な支持を得ているオーガニック・ヒト幹細胞コスメの専門店です。 肌トラブルを防ぎ、つややかな美肌を育みます。