Curved Marquetry “JuJu”

– “JuJu” is an accessory with curved Marquetry that you haven’t seen much before. This product is made from natural wood and is only coated without coloring. It is a wood grain design, and nothing is the same. It is very light and does not get tired even if you wear it for a long time. This product received the Ehime Prefecture Traditional Crafts Excellence Award in Japan.


Curved Marquetry “JuJu” are accessories made via a traditional woodworking technique called “marquetry” that utilizes the unique shapes and curves of precious wood from Japan and around the world. The wood is uncolored and finished with only a transparent coating to accentuate its natural color and beautiful grain. The wood undergoes several processes, but the coating is the most complex, as the condition of the wood needs to be constantly assessed. The use of natural wood means each product is one-of-a-kind and takes on a different appearance.
The product name Curved Marquetry JuJu embodies the idea of turning long-lived trees into little gems. The term JuJu incorporates the concepts of “longevity,” “timber,” “precious gem,” and “transform,” all the kanji for which are pronounced “ju.” This personifies the message Atelier Chihara would like to send to the world through its beautiful marquetry accessories.