CHICCA – Glass accessory

[CHICCA] It is an Italian word used in a friendly way to describe sweets, candy, or pretty.


As the name suggests, each piece is handmade from glass materials using techniques such as fusing, lampwork, and sandblasting under the theme of “accessories that enhance fashion” with their candy-like texture and bright, modern colors.

We continue to pursue a variety of expressions by making the most of glass with its beautiful and lustrous expression, shimmer, deep and clear transparency, and vivid colors, which are full of charm.





[キッカ]  イタリア語でお菓子、キャンディー、可愛いという表現を親しみを込めて使う言葉だそうです。


その名の通り、 キャンディーのような質感と明るくモダンな色合で『ファッションをより楽しむアクセサリー』をテーマフュージング、トンボ玉(ランプwork) 、サンドブラストなどの技法を使い一点一点ガラス素材よりハンドメイドで仕立てています。