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basic twotone shawl 1 BIG cotton100% / tamaki niime


Product name: basic twotone shawl 1 BIG cotton100%


The origin of tamaki niime is a shawl.
We created new basic shawl that is great for 365 days a year
that intentionally narrow down colors and ultimate in simplicity.
Black and white of the warp yarn x 2 colors of the weft yarn
=by combining 4 colors express the changes from left to right and both sides.
Both way in dark or light, it’s easy to outfit and recommended for men as well.



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Brand name : tamaki niime


Nature Brand transmits sustainable manufacturing in harmony with nature from Japan to the world


tamaki niime is a Banshu-ori brand launched by designer Niime Tamaki using the traditional Japanese yarn-dyed textile.
tamaki niime do all the processes such as weaving, dyeing, knitting, sewing and washing in-house.
We grow pesticide-free cotton and procure raw materials.
Living with 30 animals including sheep, goats and alpacas, from which the fiber is harvested, and are challenging ourselves to become self-sufficient in natural raw materials.
Every shawl and garment is one of a kind in the world.
Currently, more than 100 staff members experiment and create on a daily basis that can only be born here.
We propose and communicate sustainable manufacturing for the issues of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal faced by the global apparel and fashion industry.


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