Aroma Diffuser Himeshara / Odai cokage


Product name: Aroma Diffuser Himeshara


This aroma diffuser uses natural Himeshara wood from Odai Town, Mie Prefecture.

The stand and lid are carefully crafted by woodworkers in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, and are made from Himeshara, a natural tree from Odai Town, allowing you to feel the natural texture and texture of the wood. Each piece is different in shape and size, allowing you to enjoy the pure look of wood.

Pour the included cypress essential oil from Odai town into a glass bottle and relax with the refreshing and deep scent of the forest, then cover with the himeshara lid to suppress the scent, and open the lid to enjoy the scent anytime. You can enjoy it.




Brand name : Odai cokage


voice of Odai,Mie Japan

Odai offers a variety of natural products made from trees native to Odai Town, as well as 100 percent natural essential oils and distilled aromatic waters extracted from the trees. Savor the abundant nature of the Odai area, which is a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve.


Our thoughts
I want people to be interested in nature through scent.
We thought that “fragrance” would be a good way to enjoy the blessings of the diverse forests that characterize Odai Town.
Aromas are made from essential oils and can be used in household goods, cosmetics, and food.
Through our products, we hope to help people learn about the potential for development of forest resources and help them feel closer to nature.
We are developing products with the hope that people will be interested in forests and nature.

Our obsession
Odai Town and our commitment to essential oils
A wide variety of trees that are suitable as fragrant trees grow naturally in the forests of Odai Town, such as Kuromoji, Tamshiba, Lindera erythrocarpa, and Japanese cypress.
The entire town has been certified as a UNESCO eco-park, making it a rare area in the world that is rich in nature.
The tree branches that are the raw material for “Odai” are all collected by hand by the staff of the Miyagawa Forestry Association, which has an exclusive contract with us.
The amount of branches and leaves collected is adjusted taking into consideration not only the season, but also the growth cycle of the tree and the amount of resources in the mountain as a whole.
When cutting, carefully pick each branch and leaf using a saw or pruning shears.
This is because machines such as chainsaws can get oil on them, which can affect the scent and quality.
The water used during distillation is drawn from a tributary of the Miyagawa River, which is known for its clear waters.
The oil extracted in this way is a safe, domestically produced essential oil with 100% natural ingredients.
You will be able to feel the power of trees that have survived the majestic and sometimes harsh growing environment.

Our proposal
A new form of forest creation proposed by “Odai”
Using Odai products is the same as participating in forest creation.
Forests grow by procuring raw materials that take into account the growth cycle of trees.
An increase in the number of people who become interested in forestry through our products will lead to forest creation.
With this in mind, our product lineup is easy to use in your daily life.
We have reed diffusers, refreshing sprays, creams, and more.
We plan to continue developing various products in the future.