– Leading to the protection of dog and cat groups. Paw-paw shaped take-out containers.


We collaborated with chef Yukiya Terai to develop NUCO, an environmentally friendly paper paw-shaped package.

This project began with the idea of developing a container that would contribute to society in some way. Mr. Yukiya is currently living with a shelter cat and has a strong interest in animal welfare.
He created a system whereby a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the containers would be donated to animal-related organizations, and the concept of the project was “a takeout container that can contribute to society.

The design is based on the image of a dog or cat’s paw paw, and features a uniqueness not seen in conventional take-out packages. The shape was designed in consideration of the volume of side dishes and rice, as well as the ease of filling the package with food. Although it is shaped like a paw paw, it is also visually pleasing, with a particular form that makes the food look more delicious.

Made of environmentally friendly molded pulp (paper), it is also water- and oil-resistant, making it ideal for takeout. It is microwave-safe and can be disposed of as combustible garbage.​