– Used Sailcloth x Traditionally Crafted Kintsugi Threads x Disabled Creators


While traditional crafts, such as kimono, disappear from our daily lives, their materials, which have also been hand-crafted over generations, are dying out.
sAto’s passion is to re-discover the beauty and the potential of those traditional materials today and beyond.

Inspired by the philosophy of kintsugi, repairing and further leveraging the value of
broken earthenware with urushi lacquer and gold powder,
sAto created ‘mini sail earrings,’ up-cycling used sailcloth with the golden threads traditionally crafted for Nishijin-ori textiles in Kyoto.

Each piece is hand-embroidered by creators with disability.

1% of our sales will be donated to plant urushi trees in Japan, whose sap is vital to many Japanese crafts.