– Human and the Earth friendly “Pure Titanium Straws”​


For sustainable tomorrows. Reusable straws that you do not have to throw away. Thinking of our planet and Sustainable Development Goals. While keeping them stylish as it is by your side everyday. Pure Titanium Straws are human and Earth friendly colorful straws.

Pure Titanium Straws are made from very pure titanium. This biocompatible corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic metal is used in artificial human bones and joints. Straw itself has no odor or taste, so you can enjoy natural taste of your drink.

We bring out the natural colors of the straws with our special technology. Even children can use this straw without worries, as there is no paint or coating used.

– Kind to human body
– Strong and light-weight
– Vibrant and shiny colors
– Washable and reusable