– “Redeem your beauty, shine from the inside.”
We make cosmetics working with SDGs, to produce animal-free brushes while using renewable containers for our products.


Our uniquely-designed cosmetic brushes are manufactured by brush craftsmen in Kumano, a famous brush production area in Japan with a history of over 100 years.
They are vegan cosmetic brushes that are gentle on the earth and on the skin.
Our cosmetic brushes have two special features.
The first feature is the material.
The handles are made from thinned cypress wood from Hiroshima. By using surplus waste wood from the thinning process, we are working to protect forests.
The bristles are made of artificial hair that is animal-free and soft to the touch.
The second feature is the shape.
The uniquely-shaped tips of the bristles – which reproduce the shape of the fingers and facial structure, so that the cosmetic brush follows the unevenness of the face – are carefully made by hand, one by one, by skilled brush craftsmen.
The handles are made by furniture craftsmen with curves designed to enable make-up to be applied with optimum force.
These cosmetic brushes are the ultimate in traditional Japanese craftsmanship, allowing you to apply make-up beautifully.