We have been dealing with Kobe beef for about 140 years.
Of all the restaurants specializing in Kobe beef. The real “reason” why Mouriya is chosen among many Kobe beef specialty restaurants. Please try our beef.

At Mouriya, we purchase beef every day with a strict eye in order to offer our customers the best value for their money. We believe that the most important thing is to satisfy our customers in the end, so we will never purchase cattle that are not worth the price, even if they have won the highest award at a co-op competition, just because of their title. We will purchase and sell cattle that have won the highest award if they are truly worth the price, and we offer them to you with confidence.

We only purchase A4 and A5 meat that meets our criteria for marbling, fat quality and taste, meat texture, and maturity at the time of purchase. We are confident that the top quality meats we offer at Mouriya are the best in the world.