– Bags developed to preserve bread in a delicious way


The sake pitcher set is each hand made by the skilled artisans of Takaoka casting and lacquerware.

​Kannabe, a traditional kaiseki course tableware for pouring sake, utilizes the metal’s heat and cold retention properties.​The spirit of omotenashi blossoms on the table with warm drinks in the winter and cool refreshments in the summer with the sophisticated pitcher embodying the techniques of kettle craftsperson Shobe Kita.

The extra lid is decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay techniques of Takaoka lacquerware depicting various traditional Japanese motifs and scenery, such as auspicious patterns (Kissho-mon), Mount Fuji and landscapes.

In addition, the sake cup of Takaoka tinware is said to have the effect of taking the edge off the drink to make it softer. At the bottom of the tin cup is an engraving of a single cherry blossom flower, and the pentagonal shaped plum flower cup is also a great gift item with a play on words, as pentagon (gokaku) is phonetically similar to passing an exam (goukaku).