– Shoes that soothe, color, and sway the senses in everyday life



Harmonize, color, and sway our senses in everyday life. Covid-19 has changed our sense of values, and we have become more conscious of our highly flexible lifestyles and sustainable society that cares about the natural environment. We are now aware of the need for a more liberal lifestyle and a sustainable society that is considerate of the natural environment.
Liberato proposes shoes that are gentle to the mind and body, utilizing the traditional beauty of Japan and the benefits of natural materials, with craftsmanship that is gentle to the mind and body.

Traditional Japanese Beauty
Inspired by Ukiyoe, we focused on “rush grass,” a material used to protect the feet of working people since ancient times, and introduced the beauty of Japanese traditional materials and the charm of Japanese tatami mats to the world through our design.

Ethical and sustainable products
Soft eco-friendly leather tanned with 100% plant-derived vegetable tannin, such as mimosa, and a “Tatami insole” made of upcycled Kyushu rush grass from the scraps of tatami mats provide a comfortable fit that gently wraps around the entire foot.

Promises a reliable quality grade
Each pair is handmade by skilled shoemakers. The wooden pattern specially designed for loafers is used to create smooth curves and to fit the foot comfortably. The precise and elaborate construction, which is typical of Japanese-made products.