– Traditional gold press technology that resonates with an elegance unique to Kyoto



Utilizing traditional gold press craftsmanship, Goldream Kyoto Leaf Press is devoted to creating charming leather accessories that have a modern elegance unique to Kyoto. Traditional craftsmen creates delicate, artisanal products.



“Kyoto artisans have polished their work over the years with a single minded focus. Without promoting our own label, we pass our refined craft onto the next generation. That’s what it means to work in traditional crafts,” Says Mirai Nakazawa. With a father and grandfather working as gold leaf artisans, Nakazawa consulted with his local chamber of commerce in 2015 about preserving the technology by creating something new. This desire led to the creation of GOLDREAM.


Leather accessories, from wallets to business card cases, are pressed with gold leaf, “and virtually any object can be produced in the style. But we used to mainly work on Buddhist altars. Our work was centered around bringing the Buddha to life. So I wanted to use the gold leaf technique on products that had a special impact on people,” says Nazakawa. “While all of GOLDREAM’s products are used in everyday life, they also all have a particular significance.



The leather products came to be simply because they were the first item tested with the gold leaf pressing technique. I worked with our designer Mika Nakajima in searching for the best objects for using gold leaf. Mike had specific opinions, and I had a lot of ideas from my artisan father, so we initially had many disagreements. But we compromised and ended up with something great,” says Nakazawa. Taking advantage of the texture of the leather, this artisanal craft requires careful attention to detail, with a particular focus on the sheen of the thin gold leaf, which is only a few 10 thousandths of a millimeter thick.


“GOLDREAM is an extension of what my family has long been doing. It’s about creating perfection through care. Kyoto craftsmen work according to the tiniest details.