Cherry Blossom mini cargo bag / KAMAKURA HANDS CRAFT


Product name: Cherry Blossom mini cargo bag


The wood of the handle is made from Japanese natural forest “cherry tree”. It contains dignity, strength, wood texture, oil quality, value, and a message that is consistent with the Japanese spirit. Cherry blossoms are representative flower trees for Japanese people. People enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom once a year and are immersed in a thousand emotions. The pleasure of being able to touch such cherry trees on a daily basis is more special than other tree species. We would like foreigners who are interested in Japan to enjoy the Japanese cultural spirit through this product.

Cherry trees are natural wood and cannot be felled blindly. These naturally sprouting trees are not suitable for large products as they cannot be harvested at a consistent size. The trees we are currently using were cut down in 2014 during the construction of a dam in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Even if there is no constant demand, the wood will not be discarded, and the trees harvested for similar reasons will be reborn as sewing products in a new form from the perspective of the circular economy.

The main body material is 100% cotton canvas, and both are natural materials and have excellent compatibility. As we received a lot of feedback, such as how it makes you feel better and more fun to hold, it has changed the attitude and awareness of manufacturing, and has given rise to gratitude and enjoyment.







KAMAKURA HANDS CRAFT incorporates the spirit of the good old, regardless of whether it is tangible or intangible, and is conscious of being able to sense the latent demands of people. While pursuing customer satisfaction, we aim to create a workplace where workers can cultivate job satisfaction and joy. As a company that never neglects consideration for the natural environment, we aim to be a bridge brand that can share the enjoyment of users and the enjoyment of creators across borders.