Authen Engineering Corporation​

– Silk and birch additive-free hand-kneaded soap


Hand-kneaded soap made with carefully selected ingredients that are good for the skin. The sincerity that resides in the meticulous process protects precious skin.

Silk and birch additive-free hand-kneaded soap (Kyokyu)” is made by carefully selecting only the best ingredients for the skin and kneading them by hand to form the soap. The three ingredients are lava rock (Yakizan Ishi) from Akita Hachimantai, which stretches over the cities of Kazuno and Senboku in Akita Prefecture, herbs grown at the Herb Research Institute Spar in Shonai-machi, Yamagata Prefecture, and New Zealand manuka honey. The company places great importance on the safety and security of its skin care products, which do not contain any petroleum-based chemicals or preservatives. Each soap is made by hand using only birch sap, without using any water. The different shapes of the finished products are a testament to the hand-kneading process. After one month of maturation and drying, the product is strong enough to be used for three to four months. This product is recommended for people with skin problems.