Act Kie

Act Kie


Product name: Forest bathing with fragrance
–¬†A set of natural fragrance aroma and mobile diffuser for deep breathing.


Drizzle the aroma into the aroma stone made of Tobe ware and use it.
The wood case is made of 250-year-old zelkova from Mt.
Craftsmen carefully handcrafted them and finished them with beeswax oil. Each one is one-of-a-kind with a different grain expression.
Close your eyes and feel the fragrance, touch the wood and feel the forest.

The fragrance is a relaxing scent inspired by warm steam.
The blend of Ehime cypress, Kuromoji, and iyokan orange will give you a healing time at the end of the day.
It is also an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Ingredients: Essential oils (Hinoki (leaf), Kuromoji, Iyokan, Yuzu (so far from Ehime), Orange, Lavender, Coriander, Ho leaf, Tonka bean) , Vodka

Please reuse both the box and the cushioning material.
Sawdust in a cotton bag can be used as a scent bag.
The sawdust in the cotton bag can be used as an aroma bag, and the kuru-kanna sheet can be used as an aroma diffuser by placing it on a plate.
Please use the handmade box as a container for small items.




Brand name : Act Kie


With the concept of “connecting with nature through fragrance,” we offer fragrances that help you take a deep breath.
The word “Kie” is derived from the Buddhist term “Kai” (to take refuge).
We hope that natural fragrances will be a source of comfort for busy modern people who live far away from the rhythm of nature.
By connecting directly with local producers and using essential oils from forests made from thinned wood and citrus essential oils from Ehime, we aim to make the forests of Shikoku and Ehime healthier.